Why Networking on Social Media Counts

by Christa Hines on April 24, 2013

“Many moms will tell you that Facebook is a happiness boosting link to the real world, helping them cope through predictable and non-so-predictable days trapped between four square walls of toddler meltdowns and sick kids.” ––from Confidently Connected: A Mom’s Guide to a Satisfying Social Life
Moms love social media and are more connected than ever. Approximately 75 percent of mothers use Facebook to connect with friends and family and over 5 million moms are on Pinterest (Nielsen). That’s a lot of moms, but why do some still shun networking on social media? Many say they don’t have the time or the inclination or may not feel comfortable using it due to privacy concerns. 
Here are 17 reasons why moms like to connect via social media and why you should consider it, too:
  1. Can connect with friends while stuck at home with sick kids
  2. Bad weather holds you and your children hostage in your home
  3. Social media is open 24 hours, 7 days a week
  4. For inspiration
  5. Share heartache
  6. To laugh
  7. For advice
  8. To look at photos
  9. To share photos
  10. Arrange get-togethers
  11. Find support
  12. To message a friend
  13. Find comfort
  14. Get to know new people
  15. Reconnect with old friends
  16. Reconnect with distant relatives
  17. Promote a home-based business
Facebook is a great starting point if you are at all nervous about using social media to connect. The application allows you to reach out to friends who are already happy to see you. Unlike starting a blog or joining a chat room where you’re essentially a virtual stranger, Facebook offers a captive audience of people who are already your friends. They want to see pictures of your adorable kids and of you. They want to hear what you are doing and can feel like a part of your life when you check in. 
If you are concerned about privacy, be sure to buckle down your Facebook page with the latest security features. Facebook allows you to securely share photos of your family with just your friends. You can even start a private group page for just family where you can share photos. 
Why do you love social media? Or, what’s stopping you from connecting online?

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