Use Social Networks to Reach Your Goals

by Christa Hines on June 4, 2013

The other day I was driving somewhere on an errand on an unusually chilly spring morning. The windshield wipers pushed the rainy mist off the window, and I turned the heat up a notch. My to-do list was filing through my head when I noticed a group of about four or five women dressed for the cold and running together. They were smiling and talking like they were actually having fun. I wondered how many of them would have been outside running that miserable day if they hadn’t had their friends with them to push them on, to help them reach their goals.
If you have a goal you want to reach, whether you are on a fitness mission, starting a new business, or longing to write a novel, surrounding yourself with supportive, enthusiastic people can help. Write down your goals and the steps it will take to reach those goals. For example, if your goal is to run in a 5K, write down how many miles you should run each week to prepare for the 5K. Ask a friend if she would like to join you in the endeavor. By both writing down and sharing your goals with someone else, you’ll feel more accountable and you can push and encourage each other.
How many times have you set off on a grand plan to create something like a scrapbook or photo book, but in the middle of it you get busy with other distractions or more pressing issues? Try organizing an “Unfinished Projects Retreat.” Invite everyone to bring a snack or a beverage, their unfinished projects (for example, scrapbooks, a knitting project, or a photo book). Chances are you’ll get inspired by each other, share a few laughs and enjoy the glow of satisfaction upon completing a project that’s been hanging over your head.
Bottom line: Think about your personal goals, especially those you are struggling with and consider if you could tap a friend with a shared goal. By organizing a network, you can achieve your desires and help others do the same.
“Athletics” illustration courtesy of byDigitalart

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