Create Content that Connects

Running a business is both exciting and overwhelming. Often entrepreneurs get stuck on where to concentrate their energies first. Meeting with potential clients? Taking care of current clients? Designing their website? Marketing? Posting regularly to social media? Scheduling speaking opportunities?

No matter where you choose to focus your attention, you’ll need strong, engaging content.

Many business owners say they don’t mind writing content. They just don’t have the time to give it the attention it deserves. When we feel pressured to get something out there, here’s what we’re most likely to do:

  • Rely on cut and pasted, formulaic script. 
  • Post content that makes sense to us, but not our intended audience. 
  • Throw words haphazardly onto a page with little regard to engagement or readability. (It’s not your fault. Words can be snooty about who they’ll mingle with.)

For anyone running an online business or wishing to engage with an online audience, content is your currency. 

  • Your content reflects your expertise, your brand/personality and your values.
  • Articulate content communicates your personal vision and your intended audience.
  • Consistent, helpful content builds trust, connection and engagement with your target audience. 
  • Strategic content illustrates how your services and/or products resolve your audience’s specific pain points.

How I help.

Your website is the space that houses your brand, communicates your story, informs your audience and highlights your vision. Thoughtful, concise writing underscores your professionalism and credibility and beautifully showcases your expertise and gifts.

Combining my skills as a content marketing writer, author and a published journalist, I help entrepreneurs clearly articulate their core messages in a way that resonates with their audience. 

With a background in media relations, marketing communication and freelance journalism, I offer more than 20 years of experience writing for diverse industries, from non-profits and healthcare to corporations and small business owners. 

As a wellness writer, I specialize in collaborating with businesses who address all aspects of physical and emotional wellbeing, from the salon & spa industry and skin care to home design and women’s healthcare.

I can help you:

  • Clarify and articulate your message and talking points
  • Edit and polish your current copy
  • Craft concise, easy-to-read copy for your website and other marketing materials
  • Write or update your bio
  • Prepare for upcoming presentations and/or media interviews

To learn more about my copywriting/copyediting services, please contact me at

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