Interactive Technology Brings Families Closer

by Christa Hines on September 29, 2014

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According to a survey conducted by Pew Research, “A majority of adults say technology allows their family life today to be as close, or closer, than their families were when they grew up.”

What are some ways families stay connected with technology? I asked this question during my Facebook Virtual Book Launch Party. One of the most popular ways that parents said they stay connected is through Skype and Facetime.

Skype and Facetime are especially great technologies when a spouse travels for work. A parent can show their child their surroundings, read a book together or simply say good-night using video technology.

These technologies are also fun for grandparents who live far away as a way to see and chat with their grandchildren.

While your kids may spend a good chunk of their time making silly faces on camera, the early exposure to talking through video will help them feel more relaxed visiting with people this way later. Many teens also use Facetime and video hangouts to chat with friends. And in the future, more employers may start using Skype or other video connections to interview candidates living across the country.

Texting is probably the most common way we stay connected to one another. We can coordinate schedules and check in with each other easily throughout the day using instant messaging.

Among families, Facebook is a simple way to stay connected with long distance relatives. I have not only grown more aware of my extended family’s lives thanks to Facebook, I’ve even gotten to know relatives I may not have ever “met” if it wasn’t for social media.

What do you think…. Has interactive technology brought your family closer? If so, how do you use technology to stay connected?


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