Friendship Books and Parent/Teacher Communication

by Christa Hines on January 24, 2013

In less than a week and half, on Tuesday, Feb. 5, I will be launching my ebook Confidently Connected: A Mom’s Guide to a Satisfying Social Life! In the spirit of connecting and social bonding, I’m collecting a list of book titles on my website and on this blog of favorite books about women’s friendships. I have a short list started here. Check it out and please feel free to suggest your favorites! also recently posted an article of mine about parent-teacher communication, an issue that most parents of school-age children continue to manage. We’re in the middle of the school year, coming off of winter break and some kids––i.e., my kids––are still working through the transition from vacation brain to work brain. Check out my list of tips if you are seeking some inspiration about how to better manage parent-teacher communication throughout the year. If you have additional suggestions not included on this list, I’d love to hear them! We can all learn from each other when it comes to helping our kids succeed in school.

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