Creative Connection Tip: Turn on the TV

by Christa Hines on September 28, 2017

My friends and family know that I have a special obsession for Outlander, a historical fiction/fantasy book series authored by Diana Gabaldon that Starz turned into a fantastic mini-series recently.

I love sharing articles, swapping memes and discussing the show with friends both online and off who love it as much as I do. For me, it’s a welcome retreat from real-world problems. Plus, it’s a fun way to connect. 

Want to make some new friends as we head into the colder fall and winter months? Popular television shows can offer a built-in sense of community through the course of their seasons. Consider the cult following for shows like “Game of Thrones” and “This is Us.” People are hungry to discuss the plot lines and characters with each other.

Back in the olden days when everyone watched “Must See TV” on Thursday nights or the Monday night soap dramas, we’d rush into work the next morning to swap opinions and thoughts about the show. Some people would even have watch parties at their homes for season finales. (I wonder, do people do that anymore?)

Television shows, like books, are a great form of escapism from the daily grind. Nowadays, people gather around the virtual water cooler to discuss the highlights and share critiques. Many shows have online communities on social media created specifically for the show’s fans. A recent research study published in the National Communication Association’s Critical Studies in Media Communication found that “these online communities give women a significant degree of group identification as they self-reflect and swap opinions with others about the storylines of the TV shows.

With everything happening in the world and on our own doorsteps, many of us are feeling anxious, stressed and disillusioned these days. Why not tune out the real world for a little while and escape into your favorite TV show along with a community of online fans? You’ll not only come away feeling more relaxed, you’ll find common ground and a sense of belonging that we’re all craving right now. Check around online for your favorite TV show’s online community. Facebook and Twitter are great places to start.

What is your favorite television show?

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