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You may contact me at “christahines13 at gmail dot com” or by filling out my contact form below. (Please do not spam me by adding my address to any lists without my express permission.)

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Why no Author Fan Page on Facebook? I like building community, networking and hearing what is going on in other moms’ lives. So instead of an author fan page, I facilitate a group on Facebook called Confidently Connected Moms where I share links to articles I’ve written, interact with members, learn innovative parenting tips (moms have the best ideas and solutions!), and offer resources that I think are interesting or potentially helpful.

The group includes new and seasoned moms from across North America. This is a closed group, but welcome to any mom seeking a positive online community. *Please note: This isn’t the right space for spammers or anyone with the express goal of promoting/selling products or services to moms. If I can’t tell if you’re a real person, you won’t be added to the group.

Have questions or comments? Please feel free to email me or fill out the contact form below. I look forward to hearing from you!

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