Apps that Work to Prevent Cyberbullying

by Christa Hines on November 20, 2014

ID-100288795Over half of adolescents have been bullied online and 43 percent of kids in grades four through eight have been victims of cyberbullying. Check out these two free apps that aim to prevent and address bullying:

KnowBullying – Created by the Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration, this free app provides conversation tips for parents to begin talking about bullying with their kids. It also helps families learn to recognize the warning signs of bullying and strategies to prevent bullying for ages three to six, seven to 13 and teens.

STOP IT – Available for Apple or Android, there are two versions, one for schools and one for individuals. The app is customizable and includes four features that empowers kids to stop cyberbullying, including Stop It, Help It, Friend It and Report It.

Using the StopIt function, if a child is cyberbullied, he can take a screen shot of the message and easily forward it to a customized list of trusted adults and/or school administrators (if the school is enrolled in the program). The system also automatically sends out a message to the person who wrote the message letting them know that their behavior has been reported.

Through the HelpIt function, kids can access resources for help 24-7 if they are struggling or in crisis.

FriendIt helps kids anonymously stand up for other kids by taking a screen shot of a message and reporting the bullying behavior to a trusted adult.

The ReportIt function allows kids to document messages from cyber-predators by reporting the behavior immediately to law enforcement.

*Also, if your child is on Instagram, you might be interested in reading this fascinating opinion piece called “The Secret Language of Girls on Instagram” that appeared in Time magazine.

Know of other cyberbullying prevention apps? Let me know in the comments below!  

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