52 Weeks of Family Conversation Starters

52 Weeks of Family ConversationSometimes we all need a little help getting good conversation going. Sign up today and I’ll deliver a free weekly family conversation starter to your inbox each week.

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These light-hearted conversation prompts are perfect for road trips, meal time, family get-togethers or even to help bickering siblings in the back seat switch gears!

How can these help your family?

  • Enhance small talk skills
  • Encourage your kids to think introspectively
  • Practice listening skills
  • Grow closer as a family
  • Enjoy entertaining, lively conversations
  • Access easy, on-the-go discussion ideas

Each month will feature a different theme. Sign up here and you’ll get your first prompt on Monday morning. (The first email of this series will go out July 6, but you can sign up anytime.)